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Project Description

EF Construction has built and delivered from 2007 to 2009 the first phase of Palaipyrgos I, a complex of summer houses in the region of Palaipyrgos near Agios Nikolaos at Sithonia peninsula of Chalkidiki.

The complex contains five semi-detached summer residencies of 72m2 of excellent solid construction, where traditional local stone and wood are combined with modern design. Each residence has a separate garden from 300 to 900 m2.
The Palaipyrgos complex as well as few other villas and houses are connected to the main of Agios Nikolaos thanks to the new modern water network of polyethylene water-pipes that EF Construction constructed in 2008.
All drains lead to biological cleaning so that the processed water can be reused for the garden.

Take a Look at the sandy beach at 1000 m from the Palaipyrgos complex

Year of Construction